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Removes food fats and grease deposits from oven, ranges, deep fryers, filters, hoods and other food preparation working surfaces. Also used in areas where food is cooked and processed in restaurants,hospitals,school kitchens,nursing homes,camps,day-care centers and the likes.

Content: Gallon / 3.8 Litters

Industrial Cleaning Agents:

1) Aircon Coil Cleaner, and Condenser cleaner
2) Descaler
3) Cement Remover
4) Bio Enzyme Powder
5) Water Soluble Degreaser
6) Aluminum Cleaner and Brightener, Stainless Cleaner
7) Oil Spill Dispersant
8) Rust Remover and Rust Converter
9) Carbon Remover
10) Electric Motor Cleaner, Safety Solvent Degreaser

Aeorosol Products:

1) Penetrating Oil
2) Contact Cleaners
3) Metal Crack Detector - Dye Penetrant
4) Belt Dressing
5) Cold Zinc Galvanizing Spray
6) Polyurethane Foam Spray
7) Silicone Spray
8) Insulating Varnish

Specialty Coatings:

1) Cold Zinc Galvanizing Compound/Paint
2) High Temperature Paint
3) Fire Retardant Paint
4) Paint & Varnish remover

Industrial oils

1) Hydraulic Oils
2) Anti Rust Oil
3) Silicone Oil
4) Form Oil
5) Compressor Oil
6) Industrial Gear Oil
7) Heat Transfer Oil
8) Vacuum Pump Oil
9) Food Grade Gear Oil
10) Water Soluble Cutting Oil & Synthetic Grinding Coolant
11) Pneumatic Oil

Specialty Grease

1) Wheel Bearing Grease
2) Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease / High Temp Grease/ Non melt Grease
3) Dielectric Silicone Grease
4) Dielectric Contact Grease
5) Electrical Conductive Grease
6) Moly Grease
7) Food Grade Grease / Hi- temp Food Grade Grease
8) Anti Seize Nickel Compound/ Anti Seize Copper Cmpd.
9) Graphite Grease
10) Polyurea Grease

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