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We are authorized distributors and wholesaler our company are located United Kingdom ( Great Britain ) and Malaysia.

All the products are new with original warranty. We sell to retailers for resale purpose and individuals for personal use. Shipment is by DHL and FedEx and delivery is within 48 hours.

Promotional offer: 15% cash discount on wholesale purchase

Contact us below E-MAIL: britibrah@hotmail.com

E-MAIL: britibrah@hotmail.com

All prices are quoted in USA dollars and can be converted to your local currencies for payment from your country.

Apple iPhone 8 64GB ::: $600

Apple iPhone 8 256GB :::$650

Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB ::: $650

Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB:::$700

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64GB:::$550

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 128GB:::$600

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 256GB:::$650

Apple iPhone 7 32GB::: $350

Apple iPhone 7 128GB::: $380

Apple iPhone 7 256GB :::$400

Apple iPhone 7 PLUS 32GB :::$400

Apple iPhone 7 PLUS 128GB :::$430

Apple iPhone 7 PLUS 256GB ::: $480

Apple iPhone 6S 16GB::: $250

Apple iPhone 6S 32GB:::$280

Apple iPhone 6S 64GB:::$300

Apple iPhone 6S 128GB ::: $320

Apple iPhone 6S Plus 16GB :::$280

Apple iPhone 6S Plus 32GB :::$300

Apple iPhone 6S Plus 64GB ::: $320

Apple iPhone 6S Plus 128GB ::: $350

Samsung galaxy S8 64GB + GEAR VR :::$400

Samsung galaxy S8 Plus 64GB + GEAR VR ::: $430

Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE 32GB + GEAR VR ::: $320

Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE 64GB + GEAR VR::: $375

Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB + GEAR VR ::: $300

Samsung Galaxy S7 64GB + GEAR VR ::: $320
Contact us below E-MAIL: britibrah@hotmail.com

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